Math Grades K-8 (Part 1 – Basic Drilling) : Basic drilling on different topics of math (grade appropriate)  such as times table,  integers, algebra, one step equations, multi step equations, order of operations, decimal. Percentage, fractions, mixed numbers, reducing fractions, matric conversions,  word problems related to time and distance, unanary rules, linear systems , arithmetical estimation, quadratic equations, quadratic functions, parabolas transformations, graphing, absolute value, graphing absolute function, solving inequality, solving absolute inequality, etc.,

 Math  Grades K-8 (Part 2- Curriculum Oriented) : Parallel to school program. Lots of extra practice based on school workbook and curriculum.

Reading  K-8 : Customized Reading comprehension in many areas such social studies, history, geography, science, planets, solar systems, etc. Reading will also include to work on main ideas, summarizing facts, context clues, facts and opinions, similies and metaphor, and many more.

Writing K-12 : Paragraphs and Essays writing;  strategies for different types of writing such as Descriptive. Narrative,  persuasive, expository, report writing, Media Literacy, etc.

Spelling and Grammar : Grade level Spelling Bee practice and grammar worksheets (grade appropriate). Lots of drilling on spelling and Grammar.

TUTORING    Grades 9 – 12 

Advance Functions 12

Calculus and Vectors  12

Mathematics of Data Management 12

Functions 11

Functions and Relations 11

Functions and Applications 11

College math 11 and 12

Science 9 and10

Math 9 and10

Physics  11 and 12

Chemistry 11 and 12

Biology 11 and 12

French  9-12

English 9-12

All other math, science and languages for all grades

Math, Physics and Chemistry for IB students (9-12)

Math, Physics and Chemistry  for University Students


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