Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Advance Tutoring?

A: Advance Tutoring is both an enrichment and remedial program, providing personalized and customized help to both elementary and secondary students. Advance Tutoring also offers high school credit courses in all subjects(Ontario Secondary School Diploma-OSSD). Advance tutoring is always looking beyond homework. Advance Tutoring provides support parallel to school. At advance Tutoring , students can work according to curriculum in advance or parallel to school in math, science, language and French. However, Advance tutoring provides help in all other subjects other than math and languages. Advance Tutoring  help each child not only achieve the knowledge and understanding required at their grade level, but to excel further.


Q: What makes Advance Tutoring different from other Tutoring centres ?

A: Advance Tutoring provides  multiple educational formats, providing remedial help, enhancement programs, and one-on-one personal tutoring with qualified teachers. We cater to each child’s varying needs and regulate the program in relation to the individual students needs. Being a team of certified and experienced teachers, students can have access of tons of resources being used in school. We at advance tutoring not only provide the help needed to students but make them practice with lots of extra resources such as





       Extra practice sheets

All the above work make students more confident in their subjects.


Q: What kind of educational program does Advance Tutoring offer?

A: Advance Tutoring runs a supplementary program following the guidelines of Ontario Curriculum and School boards. Advance Tutoring provides help in following subjects :

       Math (Grades K – 12 + University)

       Science (All grades)

       Physics (11—12 + University)

       Chemistry ( 11—12 + University)

       English  (1—12 + university)

       French (9—12)

       ESL (A, B, C, D, E)

       EQAO Preparation (grades 3, 6, 9 )

       OSSLT Preparation (Grades 10)

       IB program Tutoring

       Essay writing strategies

       Types of writing such as persuasive, narrative, expository, descriptive, etc….

       SAT Preparation


Q: Who are the teachers/tutors that teach at the Advance Tutoring Center?

A: We hire trained and qualified teachers to work with our students at the Advance Tutoring Center. All teachers/ tutors work under supervision of certified and experienced teachers who work in school system. Teachers at Advance Tutoring can challenge any difficult level of math science problems including IB Programs. Advance Tutoring claims an authority in Math, science, and language.


Q: Why is Advance Tutoring beneficial in additional to my child’s primary/secondary schooling?.

A: It is important to provide your child with the opportunity to receive education geared specifically towards their needs to ensure they excel and perform to the highest of their ability. Their primary/secondary schooling provides them with knowledge and skills geared towards group learning. Here at Advance Tutoring we offer more time and personalized teaching to help students overcome their weaknesses and build on their strengths.


Q: What subject areas and grade levels is tutoring offered for?

A: We offer tutoring in English, Science, Math and French. Our focus is on Reading, Writing, and Math. Our teachers our qualified to teach from grade levels SK-Grade 12.


Q: How do the teachers/tutors at Advance Tutoring teach? What are their teaching methods?

A: The teachers at the Advance Tutoring Center use well established learning strategies to determine what the student already knows, and through discussion build on the students’ prior knowledge through guided questions. They engage in various activities that cater to the style of learning most effective for your child’s learning sensibilities


Q. What High school courses Advance Tutoring Offer?

A: Advance tutoring offer all high school courses including all maths (9-10 academic and applied), 11-12 University, college and workplace, all sciences such as 9 and 10, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (11-12).


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High School Credit Courses
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