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"I found Advance Tutoring an excellent and Amazing Place. I have seen tutors’ strength at this place. Some tutors solve math like magic. At this place, even IB math, Physics, and Science become extremely easy for students. Great place to Learn. My Son is extremely happy in going to Advance Tutoring. I do not mind driving to this place from Vaughn."

J . Patterson


"My both sons are in IB Program and have really enjoyed and appreciated the support they received at the Advance Tutoring Center. Your professionalism is outstanding and your flexibility is unmatched. The Advance Tutoring Center has more than exceeded my expectations!"

M. sandhu


"We chose Advance Tutoring on the recommendation of a family friend and feel it was an excellent choice. The improvement we've seen in our daughter's (Grade 6) reading , writing and math skills is exceptional."

K. Salmon


"As parents we are grateful that our children have another resource, outside of school, to draw upon. The support provided by the Advance Tutoring center allowed them to have a more confident and relaxed attitude going back to school this year. "

P. Singh


After going to Advance Tutoring  in Grade 11"My daughter's attitude towards doing her work has changed. Now that she understands the material, I can see, she feels confident when doing her work."

C. Zhang


"The tutors at Advance tutoring are great guides for the students, my children always came back enthusiastic about what they did in class and what they learned."

P. Chauhan


"Advance Tutoring Center has taught me how to approach learning with a new attitude."   "Thank you Advance Tutoring Center."

S. Raina


"We have been very pleased with our daughter’s progress in grade 12, as evidenced by better test scores and her much-improved attitude. She got 90%” and now she loves Math!" 

K. Sachdeva


"My son Bradely is in grade 5. His writing improved and so did his grades. My daughter Ashley (Grade 7) was doing poorly in math and spelling, and now she gets 96% on all of her tests."

J. Powell


"Our son Samuel (grade 3) could recognize a total of three or four words and was not able to read. Within a week after starting at the Advance Tutoring Center, we could see the difference in his approach to reading and sounding out words. Many times we see our son reading books on his own, all because of what he learned at the Advance Tutoring Center."

J.  Asirifi


"Advance Tutoring is fantastic! A must for anyone who wants a tutor!"

Amy Gilbert

"I cannot thank the Advance Tutoring Center enough for their efforts and hard work. I have had the opportunity to compare various tutoring programs and centers, and none can compare to the personal attention, achievement and quality of the Advance Tutoring Center."



"My eldest son received personal one-on-one tutoring to complete his summer Calculus and Vector course in just two weeks. This kind of excellent personalized tutoring could not be found anywhere else."

Kevin Cinadi


"As working parents it was difficult for us to spend time with our son and help with his studies, and it started to show in his marks. As a concerned mother I was seriously worried about him. My friend recommended Advance Tutoring and told me how they helped improve her daughters marks so I decided to give it a try. When I saw his grades improve after just two sessions I was amazed."

K. Nandi

"I would like to sincerely thank Advance Tutoring for helping my struggling son  in grade 4 significantly improve his writing skills."

J . Araich


"The work assigned is tailored to the needs of my child. Advance Tutoring makes work fun so my children enjoy going there and learning."                              

K. Fernandeze

"My daughter Emily came home and showed me all the work she had asked her tutor to assign her for homework. I am so happy and proud of her."

P. Singh

"Advance Tutoring is a wonderful place for learning. My son (Grade 3) and daughter (Grade 4) improved on their writing and reading so much. I am very proud of their work."                        

Michael Baidoo


"Advance Tutoring is very convenient for me because both my son who is in high school and my daughter who is in grade 3 have been receiving an excellent tutoring help at one great location."

 K. Sharma


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